Chefs Santos offers a variety of personal Chef services, and each package is built to suit your needs and budget.

Personal Chef Services
If you’re always on the go, if you have been working too hard, have a new addition to the family, looking for healthier eating habits and lifestyle, have dietary needs, or maybe just looking to pick up some tips from the Chef; then this package is for you! Chef Santos can buy and seek out the best groceries for you and prepare the meals in your own home. He will serve them to you and your family and even pre-prepare meals for the upcoming week. Chef Santos will leave your meals labeled with reheating or cooking instructions. This allows you to come home and not spend hours cooking so that you are able to relax and spend time with you family or friends while enjoying a home- cooked meal. All services include cook and clean. There are several ways you can utilize these particular Personal Chef services. Options are listed below;

· Romantic dinner for two

· Dinner for your family

· Special occasions

· Pre -prepared meals in your own home, left ready to heat and serve

· Cooking demonstrations and or menu planning.  You can learn tips from the Chef on how to save money buying products, and where to find the freshest products in your area.

· Wine dinners and pairing

· Mystery or Themed dinners for you, your family, or friends

· Drop off prepared meals for you and your family or simple party trays for your guests that are visiting

Vacation Chef
If you’re taking a trip for a few days or an extended stay anywhere in the world and are worried about the cost of eating out every night, what to eat, or fitting in great meals then this package is suited for you. Let your personal chef alleviate the stress of your meals while cooking for you and your family on vacation. Let the Chef do the research, use the areas local products, and bring them to your table all while enjoying your vacation. Vacation chef packages include but are not limited to:

· Extended vacation: stays out      of the Country
· Yacht Chef Services: boat            rides, booze cruises, or dinner       parties
· Week at the Beach:(bring your    chef with you)
· Cooking  demonstrations:

  on your vacation

Catering and Entertainment Services
Chefs Santos has been in the industry for a long time and has put on some of the most unique events. Events in the past have ranged from five star, eight course elegant dinners, to a simple southern-style backyard barbecue. Chef Santos can also use his contacts to supply you with the best live music for entertainment in your area, DJ services, rental services, linen services, and wine services. He can also provide you with a list of great facilities to hold your next business, pleasure, or corporate event of any size. Events include but are not limited to:

· Rehearsal Dinners, Weddings, Bridal    Party Lunch-Ins,
· Business meetings, Pharmaceutical      Dinners, Book Club meetings
· Parties of all sizes and occasions

  Gift Certificates
Give a friend or family the Gift of having there own personal Chef in there home cooking, preparing, or teaching the trade of Culinary arts. This is a great gift for holidays, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, and more!