Meez Market

is dedicated to providing you

with fine food and service in these troubled times.

  • Meals are available for pick up and delivery

  • Call in or emailed orders are always welcome.

  • If your craving something or planning something special let us cater and customize a menu for you.

  • If you need any other services as far as pick up, drop off items, or errands to run, we are here to help serve the community! Even if they are not food related!  

  • Meez Will Do Our Part To Help Everyone Get Through These Trying Times.

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  • Infused Oils and Vinegars (cook with some of Chef Santos' infused oils and vinegars)

  • White Green Apple Balsamic (hints of apricot, apple, and orange peel; great in salads, desserts and pork)

  • Smoked Dark Balsamic (great on salads, any grilled meats, appetizers, and vegetables)

  • White Butter Pecan Balsamic (great on salads, salmon, mahi mahi, chicken, and in marinades or desserts)

  • White Coconut Lime Balsamic (great on salads, chicken, pork, and desserts)

  • Dark Black Cherry Balsamic (great with chicken, trout, turkey, salmon, and on salads or cheese boards)

  • Butter Oil (great replacement for butter or sprays)

  • Blood Orange Oil (great on salads, chicken, fish, and desserts)


  • All of our oils and vinegars are available in large bottles for $12.00/ bottle at 750ml

  • Both oils and vinegars are very concentrated and go a long way.

  • Get suggestions on recipes from Chef Santos on how to use these oils and vinegars in your very home or chef kitchen.  Available upon purchase.


Meez (slang or short for Mise en place - a French culinary term meaning "putting things into place" or "everything in its place")  Market and Catering is a local community of chefs and caterers providing true chef-made ready-to-go meals to be enjoyed in the comfort of our clients' own homes. We also cater small and large private events, family gatherings, company picnics, office gatherings, themed events, as well as weddings and rehearsal dinners. For those consumers who struggle with dietary restraints and/or allergies, we take our Meez seriously.

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Gerard Walker
Sous Chef / Operations Manager
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Chef Michael Santos

Executive Chef / Owner

 Joyce Robertson

 Chef /Pastry
and Specialist